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No one wants to spend their life working in a dull gray box. We all want a career that's vibrant, challenging, and that rewards creative and innovative thinking. If the idea of joining an inspired team that laughs as hard as they work, in a progressive, urban environment, then Three Star Consultancy is the place for you! You'll work with a variety of thriving businesses and sharpen your skills, collaborating with experienced professionals.

By joing our team you get the full potential of a management trainee while working for the company, you will be equipped with all skill sets to catch every opportunity. The trainers are experts and have awsome experience to handle all the obstacles you may find in MAN MANAGEMENT.

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Life @Three Star

Three Star Consultancy is a vibrant and dynamic organization, which thrives on working hard but also seeks to provide ample opportunities for our employees to enjoy themselves in the process. The entire firm involves itself in a variety of activities including sports, community and social events and this is apparent when you join Three Star.

The Franchise Model

We invite you to build your own business or to start a part time / full time freelance business by associating with our business. There are simple and easy steps to start a franchisee. The main benefit of franchising - you are able to capitalize on business format, trade name, and support system provided by Three Star Consultancy Services.

What are the benefits of being a franchise over starting my own business?

The oft-quoted line is that franchising allows you to go into business for yourself, not by yourself. You get a number of advantages when you purchase a franchise:



Reduce Risk

Franchises traditionally have a much lower failure rate than other start-up businesses. The reason? You're buying a business concept where most of the kinks have already been worked out by Three Star Consultancy Services.

You Get A Complete Package

The guesswork usually associated with starting a business is taken care of. Your total package can include trademarks, easy access to an established product; a proven marketing method; equipment; inventory; etc.

Strength in Number

When you're become a franchisee, you have the buying power of the entire network, which can help you get product and compete with larger national chains.

Business Processes

We provide our franchisees with various proven systems including financial and accounting systems; ongoing training and support; research and development; sales and marketing assistance; planning and forecasting; inventory management; etc. We'll show you the techniques that have made the business successful and help you utilize them in developing your own business.

Advirtising The Promotion

You will benefit from any national or regional ad and promotional campaigns from Three Star Consultancy, but we may also help out in other areas - from providing advertising efforts to developing in-store point-of-sale materials designed to drive your business. It would cost you a great deal to develop these materials on your own.